Desolas Mezcal Blanco

750ml | 21% ABV


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Mezcal is understood to be the sacred gift of the sun, the “sol.” This relationship of the sun and the earth and a spirit that still must be produced in a slow and initial way, artisanally, un-industrialized. The mezcalero for Desolas is descended from a long line of producers that have been crafting mezcal for over a century. The painstaking process results in a joven blanco mezcal with a fresh botanical aroma and just a gentle kiss of smoke. Neat or in a cocktail or served on ice with an orange or grapefruit slice.

Latin American
Design Award
for Spirit

Desolas, produced in San Luis Potosi, is an artisanal mezcal made from 100% Salmiana agave. Salmiana agave, or green maguey, is also known as the “green giant” due to its enormous size. This low-yielding variety, which takes 25 years to mature, requires careful handling in well-drained, sandy soil. Its grassy, herbal and botanical character are a product of the arid air and chalky soil of San Luis Potosi. Since in this region the pinas are not cooked underground, but in above ground “hornos,” you will find a mezcal with a lower smoke aroma and the fresh character shines through with particular grace.

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