750ml | 40% ABV



RESET is a dry “Amaro Amaro” or “Bitter Bitter” that has no added sugar. Like the name evokes it is meant to reset and bring the palate back to an initial state of natural cleanliness and balance. The bitter is obtained from the infusion of selected botanicals mainly from the Mediterranean region. Fennel, rosemary, orange peel and laurel leaf are among the main ingredients. A presence of red cinchona gives RESET a pleasant digestive component.

How to serve

RESET can be served as an absolute digestive at the end of a meal. Given the total absence of sugars, it favors digestive activity with or without ice, and is also ideal in mixology.

Reset Amaro Amaro is unique among bitters, made with zero sugar and zero artificial colors or aromas. Strong yet harmonious drunk straight, with rocks or in cocktails, this long-researched new product is made in Sicily and aged in a cellar right on the Mediterranean sea. Sicily is where you are transported when you take in the flavors and aromas of orange peel, fennel, rosemary and bay laurel leaves.

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