White House

750ml | 21% ABV


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White House is a bitter wine produced from a base of Marsala wine and Mediterranean botanicals such as gentian and cinchona that allow it to speak to the land where it was born.

White House presents notes of flowers and herbs such as rosemary and laurel with flavors that alternate between sweetness and bitterness on the palate.

How to serve
White House can be served as an aperitif, in lieu of sherry, or at the end of a meal with a quality dark chocolate.

From Marsala, a completely new category: bitter wine. The innovation of a Marsala wine with the addition of a bitter component can be enjoyed as both an aperitivo or after dinner. Whitehouse being the translation of the traditional Sicilian “casa bianca," this describes the headquarters where this new product is born: the inspiration of light reflects off the white walls, immersed in the sea landscape, warmed by the sun and surrounded by aromatic orange trees.

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