Glep Vermouth Vandalo

750ml | 18% ABV


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Rhubarb, cinnamon, cardamom, ginger vanilla and cocoa are behind the infusions that help create this classic red vermouth. It expresses itself with exotic scents with hints of vanilla and Asian spices. The palate is decisive with spicy notes and a pleasant long finish.

How to serve
Combine the Vandalo and the Spinto to create the perfect Milano-Turino. It is a perfect digestif neat or with ice and it can offer a surprising twist when used to make a Negroni.

Glep beverages founded in beautiful Lake Orta in 2018 is the pairing of local restaurateur, Ezio Primatesta and local creative, Luca Garofolo. Ezio is a sommelier whose family has been in the hospitality business in Lake Orta for three generations, and Luca is a designer and creative director. Their friendship began many years ago and revolves around learning the Italian art of creating intoxicating herbal beverages that goes back centuries. It also involves lots of tasting and dreaming to produce delicious, flavorful spirit blends.

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